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This spring accommodates low head room garage doors. It is known to be one of the most dangerous springs on the market. It is recommended to convert the system.

torque-master spring

extension spring

Canton mi garage door repair - spring repair / conversion


Residential garage doors have 3 types of spring systems: Torque-Master, Torsion and Extension. the life time of a spring system is between

8-10 years, and it depends when your house was built and how many times a day you lift your garage door up and down. The spring system is the most important mechanism in a working garage door and provides the tension to raise the door with using almost no force at all. 

Our company Repairs and replaces all the 3 types of spring system with the best parts and the most affordable prices on the market. If a company gives you a very cheap price on a spring repair service, please know that there is a reason for that price. The springs they are using are either used or about to break. If it's a new spring, it is probably made from a very week material that will keep your garage door's operation for a short period of time.

We at Canton MI Garage Door Repair don't compromise and provide the best springs and hardware on the market to ensure your satisfaction and back up the services that we provide. A good spring will last longer and a good repair will accommodate a well operating garage door. Schedule an appointment today for a professional technician will give you the best service and provide you with all the right information.

This spring system is the creation of Wayne Dalton garage doors. It is more likely to be seen on a Wayne Dalton door and recommend to be converted.

torsion spring

The most common, most reliable spring on the market and probably the best choice for your garage door. With up to 15,000 cycles, this spring is designed to last up to 10 years.

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